Chichester and District Bonsai Society

Society GDPR



The information that you provided by completing our Society's membership application form will be used solely for dealing with you as a member of Chichester and District Bonsai Society.All written applications will be kept by the Society's Secretary.Information will be made available to the Society's Chairman, The Membership Secretary and the Societies Treasurer when and if required.

The Society has a data privacy policy and your data will be stored and used solely for the Society's purposes and will not be given to any person or organisation without your prior consent. The Society may wish to publish a yearly calendar or diary of events and/or competition results.  These may include members (or in the case of a family membership the lead family members details).  By signing your application form to join our Society you consent to your data being shared in this way.

Please be aware that if you later decide to withdraw consent to your contact details being published it will not be possible to remove your contact details from printed material until such time as the next edition of the diary/calendar is printed, which will be on a yearly basis.

The Society may arrange for photographs or videos to be taken of the Society's activities and published on our website (our Society website is handled internally therefore no information or personal details are available to other organisations or social media channels). By joining the Chichester and District Bonsai Society you consent to your image being used by the Society in this way.

If you hold a family membership, your family members, aged 18 and over should indicate their consent to the use of their image separately by signing our application for membership form.

PARENTAL/GUARDIAN CONSENT (if children under 18) if you consent to the use of your child's image being used for the purposes above please sign the application form.

If you or the child later wish to withdraw consent please inform our Society's Secretary in writing By agreeing to your images being used, you agree to assign any copyright or other right of ownership of these images to the Society.